Market-driven investment strategies

Our team specializes in identifying strategies to employ in changing market conditions with a proven track record success.

Three words describe our investment philosophy:

Strength. Commitment. Integrity.

Investment Criteria


Target markets ➤ Emerging markets nationwide with a focus on the southeast.

Location ➤ B+ to C areas demonstrating strong demographics and economic diversity.

Deal size ➤ $2M to $15M

Property size ➤ Minimum of 100 units

Asset type ➤ B to C+ multi-family properties (i.e. B properties in A markets and C+ properties in A or B markets.)

Age of asset ➤ We will consider all age properties on a case-by-case basis, but we prefer those newer than 1980.

Occupancy ➤ Lower occupancy is considered only if property is located in a good area and has value-add upside. We prefer stabilized properties of occupancy 85% or greater.

Target return ➤ 10% cash-on-cash return

Investment period ➤ 3 to 5 year hold period

SFR Rentals

  • Minimum 3 bedrooms
  • Minimum 1 bathroom
  • Minimum 1,000 heated square feet
  • Minimum year built: 1960 (we will acquire homes that are older than this on a case by case basis; but this is rare)
  • Minimum $900/month rental amount
  • Home must be located in safe and low crime area with no reports at least 6 months back. (we check crime for all homes using Crime Mapping & Trulia)
  • Rehab cost: There isn’t a maximum, although we prefer that it not exceed the cost of the home.

SFR Renovation, New Construction, & Development

  • Assessed on a case-by-case basis.

The S&C Advantage

We have many distinguishing characteristics that set us apart, including:

  1. Investment team and its local partners who have worked in the real estate space for over a decade.

  2. Relationships developed and nurtured in all aspects of an investment's cycle (e.g. acquisition, permitting, government, etc).

  3. Investment process utilizing hands-on asset and project management.

  4. Flexibility to understand the needs and requirements of our investors.

  5. Educating fellow investors in best practices, market analysis, and thorough due diligence.

Ideal Outcomes

Community Improvement & Development

Our objective is to empower and educate community members and residents to become the change they wish to see in their neighborhoods and schools. This leads to a more effective, caring community which holds itself to a higher standard and retains significant value.

Strong Opportunities

Speed of execution and knowledge of current market conditions are paramount to making the decision to engage solid opportunities. Our lenders and investors enjoy the benefits of secured capital and prompt communication regarding project status.

Education for Aspiring and Seasoned Investors

We believe real estate investing is an art. And practice makes perfect. Our goal is to educate investors and partners with the methods we use to identify and capitalize on opportunities.


Our investment methodologies hold for both bull and bear markets.
We execute with clarity, speed, and precision.
Our team members care about the quality and detail of our work.