We breathe opportunity

Our team develops effective strategies to capitalize on residential and multi-family value-add opportunities for short and long-term exits. We have a proven track record of strength, performance, and social commitment and responsibility.

We pursue relationships based on transparency, trust, and integrity.

Who We Are

Summit & Crowne is a private real estate investment and asset management firm based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our focus: residential development and value-add multi-family opportunities.

We Believe In

  1. Strength in numbers.
  2. Precision in execution.
  3. Power in people.

Primary Directive

Our objective is to identify trends and invest in residential and multi-family property. We use various market indicators and project analysis to coordinate with our team to make the right decisions for our portfolio.

We believe meticulous attention to detail will always yield solid results. 

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The Summit & Crowne Difference

Continued excellence in action, knowledge, and people.

S&C Partners

Summit & Crowne Partners actively invests in single family real estate renovation, new construction, and development opportunities in Atlanta, GA.

We collaborate closely with realtors, developers, appraisers, investors, and other real estate professionals to predict market trends and capitalize on opportunities.

We enjoy joint venture partnerships

Real estate investing is a contact sport, and we rely on our partners to help expand our efforts into new markets with solid margins.

Joint venturing with our partners allows us to identify creative real estate acquisition opportunities with maximum flexibility and financial benefit.

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S&C Asset Management

The objective of Summit & Crowne Asset Management is to identify multi-family acquisitions offering a value-add component. We are comprised of partners with a combined 50+ years of real estate investing experience. Our breadth of experience allows us to be proficient in identifying, underwriting, renovating, and stabilizing multi-family properties.

Driven for Value-Add

We look to acquire assets with opportunities to add value via physical improvements, curing of deferred maintenance, or opportunities to improve management efficiency. The importance of acquiring properties that have the potential to be repositioned for highest and best use is paramount as it can increase additional profitability.

We reposition multi-family properties in the following ways:

  • Cosmetic
  • Structural
  • Operational

These three pieces of the puzzle allow us to increase income, control expenses, force appreciation, and find the right talent for management of the property.

When projects are executed properly, multi-family properties can offer higher than normal risk-adjusted returns as compared to other classes of real estate (e.g. residential, office, retail).

Additionally, multi-family presents an opportunity to gain stable long-term cash flow with minimized downside risk - especially during times of a recession.

O U R    V I S I O N

Continue to structure real estate opportunities that yield winning results, change lives, and enrich company culture.